Categories: General
      Date: Jan  3, 2021
     Title: Happy New Year
Happy New Year TEAM MMA.  Please pay attention to the "Home Challenge Training's for Fridays".  We want our students to workout on Fridays at home instead of having no classes.  Each week we suggest a training and time limit.  Push yourself or your child to workout.  If you run into questions text/message myself or Master Jordan.  Also, we are bringing back Tournament and Demo  Team Practice slowly.  We want to start with 1 time this month and hopefully grow into some Fridays in February.    We want to also get back to Black Belt only and CDB/BBB classes starting in February.  We are working on details.  We will continue to wear masks and evaluate at the end of the month with the guidelines.  We will continue to properly social distance and  clean extensively as well as in between classes.  Thank you for your continued support.   Get better as a martial artist and make the school stronger than ever.  Tang Soo!