Demonstration Team



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Demonstration Team

Community service is an area that TEAM MMA excels in year round.  We perform at events thrtoughout the community to provide entertainment and an opportunity for people of all ages to experience martial arts.  If your organization is looking for a guets speaker, self-dense classes, or just high flying excitement contact a team member today to schedule an appearance.


How Do I Become a Member?

Demonstration Team:  Members now will write a 1 page essay of why they want to become a member of the team.  They then will be assigned a Black Belt that is currently a team member and perform a small demonstration for the Instructors.  If selected to the team, requirements include the following: Purchase of demo team uniform, mandatory 5 demonstrations per calendar year (Jan-Dec), and monthly trainings.  You are permitted to miss regular practices throughout year; however excessive misses will put you on a probationary period.