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Black Belt Promotions

The students at Miller's Martial Arts strive towards reaching black belt.  Through their commitment to train countless hours, they succeed.  The testing’s are held twice a year at the Pan Am Tang Soo Do Federation Headquarters in York, PA.  The candidates test with peers from around the PA as well as other areas from the United States.  They board consists of many high rankings Grandmasters.  The students who test in the spring receive their promotion at the annual TEAM MMA Championships held in Johnstown in the summer.  Those that test in the fall will be promoted at the Pan Am National Championships held in the fall.

2015 Fall Dan Promotions

2014 Fall Master Promotion

2014 Spring 1st & 2nd Dan Promotions

2013 Fall 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Dan Promotions

2015 Spring Black belt Promotions

2014 Fall 1st & 2nd Dan Promotions

2013 Fall 2nd, & 3rd Dan Promotions

2013 Spring 1st Dan Promotions