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Community Involvement

At Team MMA the teaching of martial arts is only the beginning.  We talk about the 3 R’s: Respect for yourself,  Respect for others, and Responsibility for all your actions.  We are fortunate to be able to teach Tang Soo Do and with the help of the students and families we are able to give back to  the community.  Miller’s Martial Arts has been a  part of the Wings of Hope Event since 2008 raising over  $10,000 to date.  This event benefits local families that are affected by cancer.  In 2010 TEAM MMA became involved  with Toys for Tots & Scalp Level Police Department in Christmas Is For Kids Campaign.   Also in 2010 a Hats & Mittens  campaign was started by families of TEAM MMA.  Christmas trees were set up at both locations and students were asked to fill the trees with hats & mittens.  The collected items were then presented to Mom’s House of Johnstown.  The studio continues to make the families anmd community a priority.  Miller's Martial Arts participates in Anti-Bullying Programs througout the area.  They have also made a 100% PTA/PTO fundraiser for afterschool martial arts classes, where the district receives all of the money.  In 2014 TEAM MMA expanded some special themed classes for not only their students to participate in but anyone wanting to try martial arts.  These classes included an annual Mother's and Father's Day class where participants can win prizes and children can tell how improtant their family members are to them.  Now 1st Responders can get continuing education credits by attending a Miller's Martial Arts sponsored class.  Master Miller teamed up with local doctors to be able to run courses to teach and give appropriate credits for the group.

Community Involvement


Store Openings

Talent For A Cure

Anti-Bullying Program

Informational Field Trips

Windber Police Toy Drive

Wings Of Hope Cancer Benefit

After School Self Defense Programs

Free Monthly Women's Self Defense Class

After School PTA/PTO Fundraising Program

Hats & Mittens Christmas Tree For Mom's House

EMS Continuing Education Credit Self Defense Class

After School Karate Program Fundraiser At Conemaugh Township - Raised Over $1,200

Local School Programs For Anti-Bullying With Contests and Winners

Annual Father's Day Class

Demostration Team @ Store grand Openings & Community Events

First Responders Continuing Education Courses For Credits

Field Trips In & Out of Studio.  TEAM MMA Will Host Your Group Outing

Mom's House Hats & Mittens Campaign

Annual Mother's Day Class

Wings of Hope Kicking For A Cure For Cancer

Wings of Hope Bucket Coin Challenge.  Winning Belt Rank Makes Dinner On Master Miller's Head